Affordable Custom Manifolds is pleased to announce our Water distribution manifolds for the plumbing in new homes. Two of the major advantages of using a water distribution manifold in your home are less water consumption and a faster response for hot water.
Let’s start with water consumption in a conventional plumbing system a 1” header is ran throughout the house with drop line going to each device resulting in water being wasted. When a manifold is used the main water supply is plumbed directly to the manifold with ½” port being sent to each device. The benefit is your water consumption is cut in half, resulting in lower energy cost and a greener environment.
I’m sure you noticed that in the winter it takes a long time to get hot water to the faucet. That’s because in a conventional system when the hot water is turned on, the water in the header must be drained before any hot water reaches the device. When a manifold is used the water goes directly from the water heater to the device resulting in a fast response time and less water consumption.
Water distribution manifold are an efficient and convenient way to plumb your home. A shut off valve can be used to isolate each device in a central location. By using Pex hose instead of copper pipes you can eliminate cost of using tees and elbow’s that require sweat joints and have the potential to leak

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